• Good visibility of the forks achieved by wide view mast gives an accurate handling of the machine
  • Increased maneuverability in tight turning radius by synchronizing steering wheel and angle of rear steered wheels

  • Available in Diesel and LPG/Petrol models to suit your needs.
  • Toyota’s exclusive industrial 4Y Gasoline Engine provides fuel efficiency with minimum maintenance and low noise levels
  • 2Z and 1DZ-II Diesel Engine’s 4 point floating mounting system reduces engine noise
  • Toyota’s hydraulic lifters help lower engine noise and reduce maintenance

  • Designed to provide clear view of fork tips and optimal upward and forward visibility for safe operation.
  • Ergonomically mounted hydraulic controls allow for comfortable, “eyes forward” operation
  • Spacious operator compartment with low and wide step area helps reduce operator’s fatigue.

  • Equipped with Operators Presence Sensing System (OPS) to prevent accidental movement of forklift when operator is not at the seat of the machine.
  • With the option of Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS), it provides stable and smooth operation

 Inquiry - 8BFG25/8BFD25