Low Fuel Consumption
  • Energy conservation through power steering fluid regulation according to load burden on the rear axle when forklifts are equipped with load-sensing power steering.
  • Optimal drive power with no gear change achieved by 2-stator torque convertor and transmission helps minimize fuel consumption.
  • With the new engine (gasoline models) and load-sensing power steering, 8FD/G achieves 10% lower fuel consumption compared to the 7 series.

Durability and Reliability
  • All new high-torque Toyota 1FS gas engine for LPG/Gasoline Forklifts or an advanced 14Z-II Diesel Engine to power Toyota Diesel Forklift.
  • Robust design of rear part & mast ensures forklift’s ability to handle heavy duty loads.
  • Water-resistant connectors increase the reliability of the electrical system.

Operability and Comfort
  • Large assist grip and low and wide step makes entering and exiting less strenuous and accessible
  • Small diameter steering wheel and full hydraulic power steering system provides excellent maneuverability.
  • Spacious work area makes operator feel more comfortable during operation

Safety and Stability
  • Equipped with Operators Presence Sensing System (OPS) to prevent accidental movement of forklift when operator is not at the seat of the machine.
  • With the option of Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS), it provides stable and smooth operation.

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